(1886 – 1969)

Unlike many of his colleagues, MIES has never been to Japan. And yet it is clear, particulary on the basis of similarities in the spatial structure, that the German-American architect was inspired by architecture from East Asia | 1886 born in Aachen / Germany | 1908 works like Walter GROPIUS for Peter BEHRENS | 1924 founds the discussion group “Der Ring”; membership at Deutscher Werkbund (DWB) | 1926 becomes DWB vice president | 1927 coordinator of the Weissenhof estate in Stuttgart | 1932 exhibition at “Museum of Modern Art” in New York | 1938 emigrates to the United States | 1939 founds architectural office in Chicago | 1944 becomes an American citizen |1960 receives gold metal from the “American Institute of Architects”| 1969 died in Chicago / USA

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