Tea ceremony 茶の湯 chanoyu

chadô / sadô 茶道 “the way of tea”

Tea ceremony chanoyu (“hot water for tea”), also called chadô or sadô (“the way of tea”), is an aesthetic and specifically Japanese way of social gathering in accordance with Zen teachings, which has played and still plays an important role in the cultural and artistic life of Japan in past centuries and up to the present day. The most important utensils in the tea ceremony are mizuashi (“fresh water vessel”), kama (“iron water kettle”), chawan (“tea bowl”), cha-ire (“tea tin” or “container for powdered tea”) – for koi-cha or natsume (“strong tea”), for usu-cha (“light tea”), chashaku (“tea bamboo spoon”) and chasen (“tea whisk”). The host wears fukusa (“silk tea cloth”) on his obi (“kimono belt”)

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